The essence of agricultural business transformation: return to the origin

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"Transformation" is a hot word now is very popular in all walks of life, the agricultural industry, also with no exception whatsoever. Conference, forum Sharon speech will talk about transformation seems to not talk about transformation out, but why turn, turn the direction and path of the key points must have many agricultural people is still "familiar to the ear can not detail, more talk about transformation of how landing!
First of all, we can not deviate from the origin of the enterprise business, said the transformation
The "origin" omnipresent universe of 1,000,000,000 universes. Origin can be the starting point of the road, can be the source of the river, can be the center of the coordinates, can be the root of things. What is the "origin" of the enterprise? I think the core essence of enterprise "origin" is the starting point of enterprise management and all related work place. Specifically, the business is the origin of agricultural crops and growers! Therefore, the agricultural people must to crops, growers to awe. In other words, growers stand is the agricultural enterprises should adhere to the most basic and position is the most important. If we deviate from the origin of the crop and the grower, the transformation will not be successful.
Secondly, the fierce market competition forced agricultural companies to return business origin
Inventory of the course of development of industry, agricultural marketing has gone through the era of the factory, channels to the right to speak, terminal winning era, with the rise of large farmers (growers population changes), Internet technology popularization, information asymmetry pattern was completely broken), agricultural industry entered the era of growers sovereignty, growers control the life and death of agricultural enterprises and the future! Who recently, who is the most understanding of the nature of their needs, who provide solutions to resonate, who have a professional team to transform the solution value, who is the ultimate winner. That is to say, the essence of agricultural marketing under the new normal is to win the support of growers! Therefore, only to return to the origin of the transformation of the enterprise transformation will make today's action more meaningful tomorrow. Helliar "unswervingly to the key action of the crops of the fields" marketing revolution, farming heart will corporate positioning as "crop solutions integrator, Da Ta" for the planting of more relaxed, let farmers happy "positioning for their mission, these leading enterprises sustainable development contains a return to the origin of the force, seemingly simple is wisdom. Of course, the return to the origin, not only reflects the ability of the enterprise, but also the value of the enterprise. Current agricultural market still has many "opportunity" and "temptation", facing the "opportunity" and "temptation", cannot hold on to the consideration of agricultural resources, if we couldn't get the right starting point of, will lose the in the concept of the jungle. The author thinks, current agricultural market is no longer the era of "opportunism" dividends, "opportunistic" is business growth "pause". The failure of many agricultural industry the case tells us: from the point of origin, the sale is the sale of a hammer; from the point of origin, again good planning is heterodoxy!
Again, we want to establish a new thinking on the basis of the transformation of the origin
Transformation to success, the key to the transformation of thinking. Specifically, we are to achieve to realize "three transformation" in the way of thinking: one is that the enterprise thinking into growers thinking, enterprises should become their "friends", to fully explore the nature of the demands to help growers and growers, yield, value and meaning growers thinking position of enterprise growth; two is converted by the product of thinking as a program thinking, while the combination of resources and capability of continuous optimization and upgrading programs to ensure prospective local, plan, competition and economy; three is from simple business thinking into service thinking, professional products, non professional trading, non professional use "is the present situation of the circulation and application of agricultural industry, basic attribute of service determines the service is indispensable, not because of competition is helpless, but the product or program. As part of the service is the only path to the realization of the value of growers, the core competitiveness of the service lies beyond the expectations".
Fourth, on the basis of the above three aspects, we sort out the path of transformation, reshape our operating system
1 R & D system reconstruction
In research and development, and should not follow the trend blindly, causing a huge waste of resources. On the one hand, the crops as the research subject, the growers concerns crop research and development focus, to crop to plan our research and development; on the other hand, pay attention to dosage form development and application of technology research and development of synchronization, ensure the safety of the product (scheme) and leading.
2 achieve business focus
For most of the agricultural enterprises, there is no need for us to nor the ability to all markets (crop) as our target market (crop), should to the enterprise has the resources and capabilities are the objective evaluation, and then focus on the matched key market (crop), through a sustained force become the leader of a certain market segments (crop) and expert.
3 professional services to build