All flowers bloom together! Seven products of the group won the "2019 plant protection product contribution award"!

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The award ceremony of "2019 plant protection product contribution award and Promotion Award" was held in Hefei, Anhui Province on September 21, sponsored by agricultural materials guide of China chemical industry news and guided by plant protection product promotion committee of China Plant Protection Association.

A total of 111 excellent products from 84 enterprises were shortlisted in the final award list. It is reported that the award list is divided into five units: fungicide, herbicide, insecticide and acaricide, plant growth regulator, plant protection machinery and barrel mixed additives. Finally, through the selection of experts, a total of 7 products of Hailir Pharmaceutical Group won the 2019 plant protection product contribution award, and 3 people won the plant protection product promotion award in 2019.

Plant protection product contribution award in 2019

Fungicide group

Hailir Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

"Jirun" (50% pyraclostrobin WG, Registration Certificate No. pd20151656)

Qingdao Audis Biotechnology Co., Ltd

"Shexi" (75%Trifloxystrobin · tebuconazole WG, Registration Certificate No. pd20150899)

Qingdao huaxitian crop health Co., Ltd

"Anjingling" (29% thiamethoxam · fludioxonil · metalaxyl seed treatment suspension concentrate, Registration Certificate No. pd20181288)

Shandong taigeweide Biotechnology Co., Ltd

"Mingxing" (2% octylamine acetate · tetramycin water solution, Registration No. pd20183056)

Insecticide group

Jiangxi haikuoli Biotechnology Co., Ltd

"Yuyue" (20% imidacloprid · chlorfenapyr SC)

Qingdao kaiyuanxiang Chemical Co., Ltd

"Jinsao" (10% imidacloprid · 10% fenapyr SC), Registration Certificate No. pd20190016

Hailier Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd

"Jijian" (20% spiromethyl · furamethoxam SC, Registration Certificate No. pd20180795)

Plant protection product promotion Award

This award is the industry and society's full recognition of high-quality products and efficient services of Hailir Pharmaceutical Group. Insecticides and fungicides are the group's dominant areas. In recent years, the efficacy and safety of new and old products have been greatly improved and improved, and they have been widely recognized by the industry, market and farmers. Hailir Pharmaceutical Group will be brave in the high-quality development, providing better products, high-quality services and professional technology for growers to help agricultural development and serve the world's agriculture.