Collective trainning | Responsibility and mission

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From September 10 to 12, the group organized a three-day high-level strategy seminar and team development training activities with the core theme of “strategy decoding, responsility taking and mission bound”.

The purpose of this activity is to better determine the group’s 3-5-year strategic direction and strategic objectives, plan the strategic layout, ensure the implementation and realization of the strategice obejectives, improve the overall management efficiency and manaement level, strengthen the cultivation of the group’s middle and high-level management cadres’ responsility, sense of responsibility and the spirit of achieving their destiny; strengthen the team’s ability of rapid response, rapid implementation and high degree of cooperation; It is also suggested that the team members should be encouraged to acheve the goal of the team by overcoming the team members’ sense of confidence and cooperation, building up the team members’ sense of confidence and cooperation, building up the sense of team members’ mutual trust, bulding up the sense of team members’ mutual trust, building up the sense of team members’ mutual confidence and cooperation, and enhancing the team members’ sense of mutual trust and confidence. The Chairman and President of the group took part in the activity with more than 80 middle and senior management cadres of the group.

Strategy seminar

On September 10, the group invited Mr. Li Wei, a senior enterprise management expert, a member of the quality assessment expert group of the State Council, a member of the expert group of the State Administration of market supervision, a member of the expert group of the state accreditation and Accreditation Commission, and an expert of China Quality award evaluation, to conduct a special training on strategic management for all the middle and high-level personnel attending the meeting. In depth training was carried out from four aspects: basic strategy overview, main conten of strategic management, strategy recovery and strategy decoding. In addtion, the company’s strategic positioning and seven major strategies were given guidance and analysis, and led everyone to carry out strategy decoding seminar. All staff had a clear understanding of strategy formulation and decoding implementation.

All participants listen attentively and take notes carefully

Combined with the first day of teacher’s special training, on the 11th , the whole staff carried out a strategy seminar in the form of groups, decoded the seven strategies and formulated the five-year strategic objectives. In the evening, the results of strategic planning were reported. Through one day’s discussion and report, the staff had a clearer understanding of the future development of the group’s businesses and increased their confidence in achieving the development goals of the group.

Members of hailir devoted themselves to the discussion. Some people stood up and went to other groups to exchange views, even during the tea break.

Presentation of group discussions

Team development

In order to further enhance the cohesion and teamwork spirit of the whole staff, strengthen the spirit of “responsility taking and mission bounding” and help the group achieve its strategic objectives, on December 12, the whole staff carried out team development training, from team ice breaking to cooperation challenges in the circle of excellence. All teams actively communicated with each other, with cooperation and competition, with rewards and punishments, It stimulates the efficient cooperation among the teams, strengthens the execution and the high collective sense of honor.

In the moming, the team went out for a long run of 5km.

Outdoor development, high morale, show style!

Indoor competition, unity and cooperation, breakthrough self!

At the end of the 12th activity, the president made a summary speech on the three-day activity. The president said that we should have reminders and demanders around us. If we are asked to be supervised in our work, we should think that this is reponsible to me and that I have the ability to achieve it.

The president stressed that training makes us gradually better. We are constantly accumulating learning and improving ourselves. For our group, we should strengthen training: one is the training led by hailir college, the other is the internal training supervised by hailir college. Secondly, we must innovate when we innovate. The middle and senior levels must guide innovation. We should not exclude good practices. We should learn from them and change them.

The president thinks that the sense of participation is particularly important. In order to improve our requirements in life and in our work, we must have a high degree of engagament in order to ensure success.

The chairman of the board made the final summary of the three-day activities and the following work instuctions. The chairman said that he was sincerely happy to see that there were so many excellent middle and senior management teams in hailir and that everyone was anxious to find a way for the honor of the team. He also hoped that this potential of our team could be really brought into play.

The chairman of the board of directors requires that we must not solidify the mode, whether it is an enterprise, a work or a business. We need to constantly improve and develop.

The chairman of the board thinks tha the team’s execution if very well integrated and well organized. This degree of integration can let everyone go boldly. The chairman stressed that the key to the strategy lies in the executive ability of management cadres and the organizational ablility of being single-minded and responsible, and being able to solve problems in practice, that is to say, the should be loyal, clean , responsile, have the ability to solve problems, lead the team well, and give full play to enthusiasm, initiative and initiative shown by everyone in their activities, so as to embody these three characteristics in daily work.

That night, everyone held a bonfire party at the seaside. The president lit a bonfire with his own hands, and the people of hailir gathered around, singing and dancing, accomanied by bursts of laughter, the event came to a successful conclusion.

Bonfire by the sea, singing and dancing, get together!