Take care of families in need,help poor students Spray volunteers come to Laixi to carry out the activities of supporting agriculture and aiding students

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    Since this year, on the basis of the original project, the volunteer team of Spray has regularly carried out a variety of public welfare activities, which has attracted wide attention from all walks of life. The group has been shortlisted as the "most socially responsible enterprise" in Our city, and the President has been selected as the "most socially responsible entrepreneur", which is worthy of its name.

With the end of the college entrance examination registration work, many excellent students have received the admission notice.However, for students from poor families in rural areas, after happiness, they have to face the bitterness of life again. The family's economic situation and the pressure of tuition fees will become another issue before their dreams.In order to further consolidate the achievements of aiding farmers and students and continue to fulfill The social responsibility and responsibility of Hailir, the group started from targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization and launched the series of "Wave Volunteer aiding farmers and students" -- Walking into Laixi Gu River activity.

On August 25, hailir volunteers, on behalf of a group of 4 people, came to Laixi Gu River to carry out a condolence activity and send living and school supplies to poor students' families.Hailir Factory, a subsidiary of the Group, actively cooperated with the headquarter activities, not only donated luggage and other necessary materials for school enrollment, but also sent representatives to participate in the whole activity.

This activity is aimed at the poor peasant families of Laixi with excellent students. The activity has been assisted and supported by The Laixi Youth League Committee, Guhe Street Office and Jiangshan Town government.Lexi Youth League Committee, Guhe Street Office and Jiangshan Town government jointly screen 5 poor college student families.At about 9 o 'clock, the group of volunteers came to the Experimental School of Lacey City and picked up Zhang Junxiang and Zhang Mengge, who had filled out the forms for poor families in the school. They set off for the first stop, Zhang Junxiang's home in Dongshabu Village.Zhang Junxiang, the sunshine boy, has just been admitted to the Animal Science major of Qingdao Agricultural University with excellent results.After learning Zhang's ideas about learning and future planning, the volunteer representative encouraged zhang: "Study hard, make persistent efforts, and truly change your destiny with knowledge."When he learned that Teng Runxiang, a subsidiary of Halir, was actively expanding in the field of animal testing, Zhang junxiang expressed his desire to contribute to Teng Runxiang in the future.When the volunteers left, Zhang junxiang accompanied them all the way, guiding them and taking the initiative to move supplies. This grateful heart moved the volunteers.

When volunteers arrived at Zhang's home with the help of Zhang Junxiang, the shy boy was helping his mother with her crops.When I heard that Zhang Yuhao chose the civil engineering major of Shandong Urban Construction College, the volunteers said: Haile in The West of The Anxing project has come out, I believe that there will be more good projects to benefit the country and the people in the future in The West of The construction, at that time welcome zhang Yuhao such talents to join.Zhang yuhao's mother was very moved: "Thank you Helier!You not only send love, but also give children confidence in the future!"

The volunteers were most impressed by Zhang Mengge, who was nicknamed "Cactus Girl" by the volunteers for her optimism and strength.Zhang mengge comes from a single-parent family. Just last year, her grandmother passed away, making her a true orphan, and her uncle's family's occasional aid has become her only source of income.Zhang Mengge had been in poor health since he was a child, and he was lame, but his small body kept the empty house spotless.Living in a class B dangerous house every day, he washed his clothes and cooked his own meals. With this unyielding spirit, Zhang Mengge was admitted to Binzhou Medical College.Zhang mengge told the volunteers that he had filled out all the medical and educational institutions when he chose to study. He hoped that after graduation, he would be able to "treat people sick and warm their hearts", be grateful to the society in his own way and repay those who have always cared about him.During the whole visit, she kept smiling all the time. When the volunteers could not help crying, Zhang mengge said "Nothing will be ok", which really warmed the whole group, just like the cactus on the south wall of her house, growing up stubbornly against the sunshine.

Jiang Mincheng, a representative of spray volunteers and hr administration department of Hailir Factory in Qingdao, a subsidiary of Hailir, said that in the later period, he will continue to pay attention to strivers and dreamers like Zhang Mengge and actively mobilize other employees in the factory to help and truly realize "everyone can do and everyone is willing to do".The culture office also issued a call here: hope the hailir family people who have the conditions to participate in, actively help, for the cactus girl's life to create sunshine, for her study spread nectar, for her growth to build an oasis.

In addition, the volunteers also visited Zhang Hao from Nanshu and Li Wenfei from Shuiji. Both of them are excellent students who are not afraid of adversity. When they enter their favorite universities, they will become the image ambassadors of Hailir and spread the spirit of Hailir to every corner.

Keep gratitude in your heart and charity in your heart.The chairman, under the guidance of GeYaoLun, President of GeJiaCheng into a spray volunteer team continue to carry forward the "dedication, love, mutual aid and progress" the volunteer spirit, adhering to the "simple, honest, sunshine" organization atmosphere, with "Thanksgiving return" as the core values, absorb advanced individual of integrity and forward, through a variety of public welfare activity pass love, serve the society, contributing to boost rural revitalization of positive energy.