New control methods of Spodoptera frugiperda:Plant protection UAV spraying granular pesticide

release date:2020/8/22 16:45:58 Views:145

     With migratory pest Spodoptera frugiperda invading our country, the situation of controlling is seriously. There is an urgent need to develop emergency prevention technology that suitable for national conditions of China. AT the "Plant Protection Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) Granulation Prevention and Control Technical Seminar on Corn Grassland Moth" held on August 14th, reporters learned that the Plant Protection Research Institute of The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences innovated to propose the use of granulated pesticide instead of pesticide liquid spray, and explored a new method of plant protection UAV prevention and control for grassland moth.

    With the popularization and application of uAVs in China, the low-altitude and low-capacity spraying technology of UAVs has been applied in the prevention and control of Noctuid moth in maize grassland. The grass wormtail moth has the characteristics of damaging the heart leaves of corn. Therefore, it is necessary to spray insecticide droplet into the trumpet mouth of corn plant when spraying insecticide for control. However, AS a low-altitude and low-capacity spray operating machine, UAVs have disadvantages such as high risk of water evaporation and drift, less distribution of fog drops in heart leaf deposition, etc., during the dropping process, and their prevention and control effects are not ideal.

    Yuan Huizhu, a researcher of Institute of Plant Protection(IPP), Chinese Academy of Agriculture Sciences(CAAS), told reporter that in 2019, they found that in two adjacent sweet corn fields, spraying effect of plant protection UAV was not as good as ground sprayer when using the same corn varieties, at the same sowing date, by the same insecticides. How to crack the technical problem of preventing and controlling grassland moth by UAV? IPP make full use of the corn plant type bell mouth, put forward innovative substitute granular pesticide preparation for prevention and control of pesticide spraying grass desire of the moth, when cast into corn plant leaf pesticide particles, circle of pesticide particles depend on gravity moving gathered in a circle, the automatic reagent concentration distribution in the grass greed the moth damage parts, realize the grassland desire of the moth accurate target. While giving full play to the advantages of high efficiency and fast speed of UAVs, it overcomes the risk of droplet shrinkage and drift due to water evaporation in low-altitude and low-capacity spray process.

    Primary developed by the scientific research, plant protection corruption prevention and control of uav broadcasting particles grassland the moth technology, the field experiment results show that the recent corruption prevention and control of uav broadcasting particles grassland the moth, agents to target and drift lower risk, to natural security, high efficiency, the effective length, control effect was significantly better than the spray processing.