Deliver cool in high temperature to gather people's hearts---The Cultural Affairs Office organizes "deliver cool" staff care activities

release date:2020/8/22 16:21:05 Views:147

    As the hot days in the last of the three periods of the hot season outbursts, our city open the high temperature mode comprehensively. The continuously high temperature of more than 30 degrees brought many inconvenience for production, people’s life, especially for our people in R&D center building. Due to the upgrading and renovation of the R&D center building, the laboratory temperature is relatively high, coupled with the impact of decoration, etc., which has a great impact on the normal conduct of experiments by R&D personnel.

    For this, the Corporate culture Office of the Human Resource Center of the group specially launched the activity of "sending cool " employees to the family members of the R&D Center, and carefully bought ice cream, watermelon and other heatproof and cooling food, distributing them to everyone.

    On August, 19th, the group director of human resources and human resources minister Jiang Yanhong led the members of the sympathy team to the R&D center and sent the Chairman and President of the group to show solicitude to staff. During the on-site communication and visit, it was found that the air conditioning temperature in each laboratory was about 33 degrees, and the highest was more than 35 degrees. Many of the experimental staff's hair and clothes were soaked through. However, the R&D team was not afraid of difficulties and stuck to their posts. They interpreted the core values of integrity and excellence with actions. Our sympathy team such as ice cream, watermelon cool food one by one into the hands of family members, and encourage them to continue to "endure hardship struggle and brave success". R&D staff have been caring thumb up for the group, especially the new compound research institute welcomed the group's sympathy team, demonstrating the value concept of gratitude advocated by the group. Zhang yatao, the staff representative of R&D, said they should bear gratitude in mind, "keep a good platform, create value, live up to the enterprise, live up to the youth.”

    This activity shows the group's deep affection of caring for employees, and also brings a sense of comfort and coolness to our family members fighting in the research and development front. The Cultural Affairs Office will also continue to carry out various cultural activities to carry out humanistic care to the end.

   “To establish a company that creating happiness for our staff”, said by Ge Jiacheng, president of our company, which sentence resonated the majority of employee. The Culture Office actively responds to the President's speech spirit, listens to their inner voice, conforms to the public opinion and promotes the development. Enhancing the happiness index of employees with the improvement of humanistic care coefficient, thus contributing to the building of a happy enterprise.