Hailir team participates in 2019 staff Sunshine fun Games in Chengyang District

release date:2019/5/29 11:36:20 Views:2385

        In order to respond positively to the call of the General Trade union of Chengyang District, to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the staff , and to promote the construction of "Sunshine Chengyang",  the "Hailir team" from the headquarters and factory, participated in the "2019 Sunshine fun Sports of the workers in Chengyang District"on May 24.

21 teams from Chengyang District participated in the competition. The game adopts a timekeeping system. The competitions include “sailing on the same  boat”, “working together”, “team Rubik's Cube”, “countless rich fruits”, “cruise climbing”, etc.

         With the referee's order, the “sailing on the same boat”is a match between men and women. Six boys will ride the "Dragon Boat" to the end and six girls will return by the boat. The "Team Rubik's Cube"  uses the relay running timing. Chen Xuan, from the Institute of Synthesis, played the advantage of "Flying Scud" and finally won the first place in the game with 57 seconds. "Neat steps, strong posture, intense pre-match discussion, tacit cooperation, screaming, every athlete is fighting for victory!

         This fun sports adheres to the principle of "friendship first, competition second". In the end, under the hard work of every athlete, the “Hailir Team” won the third prize of the 2019 Staff Sunshine Fun Games in Chengyang District.

        The competition fully demonstrated the spirit of the Hailir's unity, cooperation and hard work, and we also firmly believed that our athletes will bring this spirit into their work. Each participant is very grateful to the Chengyang District Federation of Trade Unions and the group providing this opportunity and hopes that more cultural  activities will be held in the future to enrich the spiritual life of the employees.