“Wave Volunteers Delegation” visited Laixi social welfare institute again

release date:2017/7/1 11:18:35 Views:5038

On June 3rd after Children’s day, “Wave Volunteers Delegation” visited the people in Laixi social welfare institute again under the leadership of Ziyu Ge, delegation brought T-shirts and milk as gifts to their friends.

“Wave Volunteers Delegation” are familiar with Laixi social welfare institute because they visit the institute three to four times per year. In summer, T-shirts and milk was brought to institute as gifts while coats were brought here in Winter. The members in delegation shares story with the peole in institure,accompany with them to do activities,help them do washing and so on..The people in institute greeted wave volunteers with genial smile every time. The people feels very excited when the dean of welfare told them the news that wave volunteers would come to visit them.

The delegation leader Ziyu Ge said that it is really honorable for them to offer supports to the institute. Hailir will attach more importance to the social welfare work.